Should you build your own free website or have it professionally built …

Whether you have just started your own business or have been established for a while and have solely been relying on Facebook for marketing and selling your services. You know that it’s time to take the next step to establishing your business so it’s time for a website.  But you think you can’t afford a professional WordPress site, so you settle for Wix or another DIY option.

You decide today is the day … it’s so easy to build your own for free, right? After all you have seen the ads on both Facebook and television. Just click and drop and BOOM you have your own professional website. So now you just sit back and people will come … yay you! Right?


A professional website is designed to attract new clients, solve their problems and have a call to action. Usually the client is directed to make a call to you, or via an online enquiry form or even better is to make it easy for them to book their initial consultation online.

So many business get it wrong by thinking the site is about them, with their qualifications, experience, how long they have been in the business and mostly post large photos on the home page about them!

The next problem is that your new Wix or Weebly site will not get ranked by Google. Why would you have a website if it’s buried way down on page 7 or 8? Statistics show that most visitors will only go so far as page 2 before they make a decision so this means if your aren’t ranked, you have just lost business to your competition.

Your website probably has no real structure. Sure you may think it has with some awesome images or YouTube videos but is it truly guiding your visitor to your main objective – making that call?

The biggest problem with having your own free Wix or Weebly site is that they aren’t free after all and will cost you more in the long term. You have to pay for upgrade packages to just having your own domain url. If you want an email, that is in addition plus if you need an ecommerce shop again it’s a further upgrade.

These sites are also hosted by Wix or Weebly themselves which means that should you want to move your site or content over to a WordPress site for better ranking – you can’t. You are stuck with them as they are two entirely different platforms compared to the ever flexible and professional WordPress web design platform.

Remember, nothing is for free which is why having a WordPress website can give you an advantage by not just having a website that ticks all the design and functionality boxes, but gives you the freedom to grow your website so it grows with your business.

Our amazing WordPress packages start from only $699 so why would you spend countless hours dabbling in something you are not experienced at? There is more to a successful Web Design layout than you think.