Google Adwords versus Facebook Marketing … what really works?

Like most of us, we have all dabbled in the world of online marketing … by this I mean using Google or Facebook to advertise your services/products.  However these 2 key players are not created equal.

Here are my thoughts on this.

Google is where most people go to find a new service. Would you do a search for plumber on Facebook and then go and book their service?  If you are like me, I would say probably not.  I would bet that you would be more likely to do it in Google as you have more to choose from and then have a website to give you more information on whether you feel they can provide a solution to your problem.  Am I right?

Facebook is really like a newspaper, with a newsfeed giving you updates on your friends day, birthday reminders, maybe a sponsored ad which co-incidentally is a jumper with the year you were born or even your favourite footy team … (a clever facebook marketing strategy).    Unless people are actually at that moment in time looking for your service or thinking about it, your money advertising on Facebook is wasted.

Why Google is the winner!

Google and Google Adwords is the modern day Yellow Pages.  With Google, if someone is looking for what you service, they will type in the search … Plumber cheap rates Gold Coast.  (if you have relevant keywords in your website your site may even pop up on the first page!).

So if someone looks up Plumber on Google, they then go to your page, read about you and call you (if you have a call to action).    If someone does the same thing on Facebook, it’s highly unlikely they will call you, probably just like your page hoping to get some tips or something on saving water, but nothing to actually convince them that you are the best plumber in town and to call you – no call to action.

Facebook and Social Media are used only to build a relationship with the client or perhaps collect an email address to offer something of value to them.  They will only buy off you once you have their trust and confidence in you.

Just like newspaper advertising, Facebook advertising can work, it’s much more targeted to your market and cheaper to test and people may buy if looking for your offer.

But you can’t advertise in the newspaper the same way you can with Yellow Pages (Google) and you can’t advertise in Google the same way you can in the newspaper (Facebook).   Each platform has it’s strengths, but if you are seriously looking for a credible online marketing that is going to convert to sales enquiries, you just can’t beat Google.


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