SEO for Small Gold Coast Businesses

We all would love a Page One ranking on Google but it needs to be worked on by experts who understand the process. Don’t think because you have a website it’s going to get ranked high straight away.

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex blend of many factors. The right keywords, content, tags and an overall strategy. Having a keyword in your business name just doesn’t cut it these days, you have to have fresh content on your website and your website needs to have the right copy with keyword content – not keyword stuffing. Your business also needs to be build an online presence.

Don’t be bamboozled when companies try and tell you that they have a formula that can cheat the Google algorithms to get your ranking higher … that’s just fluff! Unless they have worked for Google in that area, nobody knows how it works entirely.  But done smartly when you have the right SEO formula for your WordPress website and with the right strategy, it won’t be long before you will see the rewards of having a high Google page ranking – sometimes it can be a matter of days (depending on which keywords we are focussing on to get you ranked).

It is ever changing as Google will always rank sites that they feel are relevant to the visitor searching for that particular search term.

Remember though, it is tough competition out there for page 1 ranking and not every keyword/phrase that you think works, will get you there. It is what you customers will search for, not what you think they will search for.

Further to this, if it’s done organically, and should Google do any updates, it won’t affect your website. Remember fresh, relevant content is always going to be a winner!  Good luck.