See For Yourself?

As a an experienced WordPress web designer, I can honestly say that I have lost count of the number of businesses that I have come across and they tell me that they don’t need a website as they have a Facebook page to drive sales or the best one is that they are busy enough and don’t need any more work!

What they are forgetting is that having a website isn’t about driving sales but it can save you time and more importantly as a small business – MONEY!

If your website is a basic information style site which has just some basic information on you, your services and a contact page, by having this information available on your website, you can simply point your visitors in that direction to look you up.

Are you a service that requires appointments or bookings? How would you feel if you could get off the phone by simply directing people to your site to make their own online bookings?

How about if you need something to capture your visitors email information? Do you do some cold calling to get that information or do you run a targeted ad directing them back to a landing page with your offer and an opportunity to grab that information – automatically?


By using a simple calculation of maybe spending 30 minutes in total a day on the phone explaining  your services or trying to book clients in for their appointments. Take that 30 minutes and multiply it by 5 days. That’s 2.5 hours a week by physically doing something that a website is designed to do.  Now if you multiply that by a modest hourly rate of $50 per hour = $125 per week lost time and money!

Should we look at the monthly number now? $537 per month and over 12 months that is $6,444.

Now who said they couldn’t afford a website and it wasn’t worth their time?  I think it is. Just image having that 2.5 hours a week back so you can focus on running your business and having some automated processes in place to take care of that side of your business?

If you have a website, make sure it is up to date, mobile responsive design (visitors able to easily view on mobile devices) and it at least has an automated contact form to go straight to your emails!

Just by looking at some simply strategies to update your site or have a new site built from scratch, you could be enjoying claiming back those 2.5 or more hours a week. We are ready to help you and give you a website review and marketing strategy. By implementing just a couple of these strategies your website will pay for itself and increase your business profit.